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Splurge in Vivacious Beaches of Goa

Goa is nature bliss, gorged amid beaches, with no end to nightlife, which makes it a hub for party lovers. Although, small in size, it has so much to offer. Once a Portuguese colony, Goa is a perfect blend of Indian and European ethnicity. The food and culture make for a fun-filled odyssey, but immaculate beaches in Goa take the limelight. The myriad beaches in Goa are an abode to luxury resorts and the plethora of shacks. Trance parties to tranquility; you will find all this and more when you travel Goa.

Here is an overview of some of the best beaches in Goa.

Calangute:- It is a commercial beach in Goa, brimming with tourists all year long. There are hundreds of shacks, all lined up, selling everything from drinks to food and souvenirs. Known for Goa's most distinguished eateries Calangute is known for its frenzied nightlife.

Anjuna Beach: - There are bountiful sightseeing places in North Goa, but Anjuna Beach is a hot spot for domestic and international tourists. Once, a home to hippies, the beach is snuggled between hills and the Arabian Sea. Its Wednesday flea market is crowd-pleasing where you can shop for apparels, jewelry and handicraft items.

Palolem Beach: - Palolem is a pristine beach, which is mostly swarming with foreign tourists who live in shacks along the shore. The beach is crescent in shape with the rocks jutting out into the sea. The beach "Silent Noise Party,” is a big hit among tourists.

Agonda Beach: - Spread across the long stretch of the sea it is a perfect den for those who are looking to unwind. Usually, Agonda Beach is quiet and relatively less crowded. You can spend your time in a hut right on the beach and relish the serenity of the sun and sand.

Arambol Beach: - Once a small fishing village, Arambol is a new found home to hippie. Considered as the rage among Goans, it experiences the flow of distinct traveler. For rejuvenating invest time in various therapies such as meditation, yoga, and Reiki.

For recreation, you can indulge in various activities in Goa

There is no dearth of fun places in Goa and it enthralls every adventure lover. In Goa, tourists from all over the world engage in activities in water as well as on land. Some of the popular activities that will surely make you ask for more during your trip to Goa are listed below:-

Scuba Diving: - It is an opportunity to come fact face with the stimulating wonders of the sea. This scuba diving is performed under the protection of trained expertise with safety equipment who accompanies you during the diving.

Parasailing: - Well suited for families, kids, and adventure junkies, parasailing is the best things to do in Goa. The feeling of flying high above the turquoise water of the Arabian Sea is hard to explain.

Eating Out: - Beaches in Goa are dotted with long queues of beach restaurants and shacks. These places are the best options for vacationers where they can taste a wide range of cuisine served with drinks.

Beach Parties: - Last but not the least, beaches in Goa are known for best party places. Trance, rave or full moon, local residents or voyager, they love to party, which lasts till the wee hours of the morning.

Goa is a place of true wonders and, other than the things listed above, there is much more to see in Goa. The only solution is to explore with an open mind and you will discover some of the most amazing things to do in Goa. Book your Goa tour packages and create unforgettable memories at this place.

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